Education: Reevaluation Process


Reevaluation Process

A reevaluation is used to determine if the exceptional student education services are still needed for your child to make academic progress or if there are new concerns that were not evaluated in the original evaluation process. This is not the same as an annual review of the IEP. A reevaluation typically is completed every three years after the initial evaluation. But a reevaluation may be requested earlier if there is a significant detrimental change in the child’s educational progress. A reevaluation may be requested by a parent or by the school. No matter which, an IEP Team meeting will be held to discuss the needs for a reevaluation and to get the parent’s consent for any individualized testing that is recommended.

An invitation will be sent to the parents inviting them to participate in the reevaluation needs meeting. The previous evaluation, current academic progress, the current IEP, and parent input will be reviewed. If the child is making adequate progress, no additional further testing may be recommended and the services being provided will be continued. If there are concerns, additional evaluations and intervention data collection may be requested. Parent consent will be requested for the individualized evaluations. Once these are completed the IEP Team will invite the parent to a meeting to discuss the results of the reevaluation and determine if the child is eligible for additional disability programs or consider dismissal from an exceptional student education program.

For example, a child may be placed in a program for Speech Impaired and begin to show additional difficulties in learning. The IEP Team will then determine if interventions through the MTSS process are needed and proceed with implementation of the interventions. After the given time for interventions (usually six weeks) have been tried, the team will reconvene to review the data and determine if the child is eligible for a program such as Specific Learning Disabilities or other disability that can interfere with the ability to learn.

How can a parent/caregiver gain access to this service?

The school is required under law to inform and gain consent prior to any evaluation. If a parent has a concern about their child’s ESE services and is requesting the reevaluation, it is highly recommended to put the request in writing. This can be by email or letter, make sure to include the full date of the request (mm/dd/yr). The parent should always keep copies of the correspondences with the school.

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Written by: Iris Neil