Early Intervention: Developmental Surveillance


Developmental Surveillance:

Developmental Surveillance is the ongoing process of observing a child’s development and tracking parental concerns.

The surveillance process starts with parental monitoring of the child’s development. This is done by observing your child’s behavior and skills they are acquiring. There are five areas of development, Language, Cognitive, Motor, Adaptive and Social Emotional. Each area develops as the child acquires skills in that area. Resources to monitor these skills are available on line, at your library or local bookstore. These resources will tell you what your child should be doing at each stage of development as well as what to watch out for.

Click Here for a free checklist online at the CDC’s website.

Additional ongoing Surveillance can be provided by your pediatrician at well baby checks, your daycare provider or other trained pediatric provider. The Bright Futures/American Academy of Pediatrics has developed a schedule for surveillance by one of the professionals listed. Screening would occur at 9, 18, 24 and or 30 months. They will use either a developmental milestone chart or a developmental questionnaire to determine if there is a need for additional evaluation.

Written by: Brenda Amos-Moss Lead PSP Team Supervisor Treasure Coast Early Steps