Parent Support Services: Support Groups


Parent Support Groups and Disability Organizations:

Parent Support Groups as implied by their name are a group of parents with common experiences and or concerns. Groupings can be determined by disability, age, gender or geographic region. Disability Organizations can also represent a wide variety people. There are organizations such as the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) which offers guidance and training on how to implement the ADA Act. Other organizations help to advance policy, advocacy, and practice in subjects such as education, technology, employment, housing etc.

How do Support Groups and Disability Organizations help the person with a disability or family support system?

Hearing from others who know the types of struggles you are going through can help you feel less isolated and perhaps gain new strategies and problem solving techniques in areas you are struggling with.

Recommended websites, YouTube videos, books on Support Groups and Disability Organizations: National Center on Disability and Journalism website Click Here Family Network on Disabilities of Florida website Click Here Federation of Families of Florida website Click Here Psychological Wellness Center website Click Here Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services Co-facilitation by professionals at JAFCO Children’s Ability Center website Click Here 211 of Palm Beach and Treasure Coast website Click Here or call 211, (561) 383-1112 or (866) 882-2991

How can a parent locate Support Groups and Disability Organizations for specific disabilities?

There are several ways to locate support groups or disability organizations. You can reach out to your local 211, google or other search engines, word of mouth, through your child’s school.

Are there any questions or observations you would recommend parents to investigate before selecting a Support Group and Disability Organizations?

You may have to try out several groups or organizations to see which one works best for you. It may be hard to find a group related to your child if it is a rare disability or syndrome but that is ok.

Written by: Jennifer Harris, Special Needs Advocate for 211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast.