Early Intervention: Universal Screening

Universal Screening of Pregnant Women and Newborns, 0 to 3, All Children:

In Florida, legislation requires that all pregnant women and infants be offered screening for risk factors that may affect their pregnancy, health, or development. Screening of pregnant women help identify those who may be more likely to experience preterm delivery or delivery of a low birth weight baby. Infant risk screening helps to determine at birth if there may be anything that could affect their first year of life. A child can be at a higher risk for developmental problems due to preterm birth or low birth weight. Once screened, identified families may then be referred more quickly to the appropriate services for their needs.

The Prenatal Risk Screen is a list of questions that can help you find out if there is anything about your health early in pregnancy that could affect your baby. It can also determine if you are eligible for free services. The prenatal risk screen is done at the first prenatal visit or can be done directly at Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies. If risks are identified mom can receive additional information on services offered.

The Infant Risk Screen is a list of questions that helps you find out if there is anything about your baby’s health at birth which could affect his/her first years in life. The risk screen is completed at the hospital after birth by a HomeSafe hospital liaison or staff member.


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Written by: Jennifer​  Munoz, Community  Planning  and  Partnership  Officer Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County