Blog #262: How to Help Neurodiverse/Disabled Individuals Grow Up Properly in Today’s World? (Social Media)

Last night, we were out to dinner at one of my parents’ favorite spots with my mom’s sister and brother-in-law and one of the final things we covered last night was the mutual concern we share for today’s generation in how social media, the internet and a few other vices are destroying society as we know it.

Unfortunately, when society evolves, we have to evolve with it. When it comes to social media for example, every single thing that we do is ripe for publication on the internet and some of it is not good. In fact, we were discussing two of my cousins who had pictures of themselves showing off their behind that was posted on social media.

You gotta wonder to yourselves one question, “do I want my disabled/neurodiverse child to end up displaying that kind of behavior?” Neurodiverse/Disabled individuals are often prone to these kinds of behaviors either on the giving end or the receiving end or both.

I used to post things on social media that I would always get asked to take down and when I founded “Going the Distance,” I decided that for my own self-respect and for the integrity of what I am doing, I would only use social media for business purposes.

Now, to be frank, there is no wrong way to have social media, but it needs to be handled properly. One thing I would like to see is neurodiverse/disabled organizations teach individuals the importance of social media. If people are going to be posting, then it needs to be clean and respectable. I have seen too many people hang their dirty laundry for all to see and it’s sickening.

A lot of what I see on social media is filth, filth, filth. A lot of it is pressure and temptation that we all deal with on a daily basis and a lot of us think that it will be a part of life which it is not. This is, unfortunately, something that I have had to learn for myself, especially when I tried my hand at online dating and building connections in the autism community.

What is a part of social life is just being around those you know best and having traditional human interaction, as much as it is hard for some people to understand. What today’s generation needs to understand is that when it comes to social media, there is a social art form to it. There is a time for social media such as when you do what you need to do and there is not a time for social media such as in school or work.

Back when I was in school, we were just on the cusp of getting cell phones and social media as a whole. I feel sorry for today’s teachers and administrators that have to deal with the growth of social media that is violating the boundaries of a decent and respectable education process.

It also helps to not bring social media into your home, especially if its harmful to the individual’s mind and it will end up being a distraction that can trickle from one person to another. Don’t forget that a lot of us who grew up in the 20th century only got our social media through the 6:00 news with Walter Cronkite or with what is going on in our community.

Of course, this all starts at the top with the parents/guardians. The problem that I see a lot of at my day job is parents/guardians who just seem to let their children get away with bad behavior that includes constant social media use. Naturally, all this can be summed up by a group of men who see things for what they are:

Catch you all later!!