Health Services: Well Visits


Well Visits:

A well-visit is a way to include the medical professionals in the health of your child as they grow. Well visits include scheduled immunizations, a review of nutrition and safety, tracking of growth and development, and a place to discuss concerns you might have about your child’s development, behavior, sleeping, exercise and eating habits. For school age and teenagers well visits should be scheduled once a year.

Immunization schedule charts for school age and teens:

The CDC has a vaccine schedule on their website. Click Here for English. Click Here for Spanish.

How do well visits help the person with a disability or family support system?

During school age and adolescents the body undergoes many changes. There are still vaccinations to be given to keep your child from getting serious illnesses that can cause more disabilities or death. As your child grows into being an adult, some may not understand all of the changes and may feel awkward talking about some of the changes with their parents. A well visit allows time for the young person with a disability to learn more about their own health and wellness. During well visits with teens, many doctors will have individual time set aside to talk privately with the teen and parent separately. This allows for each to discuss their concerns without embarrassment.

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