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Insurance Options:

In Florida, 38% of 18-34 year olds were uninsured in 2013. That is higher than the national average of 29% uninsured young adults. Contrary to the myth that young people don’t need health insurance, one in six young adults has a chronic illness like cancer, diabetes or asthma. Nearly half of uninsured young adults report problems paying medical bills. Click Here for the FloridaHATS health insurance webpage which provides information to families, caregivers, and young adults between the ages of 13 and 30 on how to understand the different types available for young adults.

The National Council on Disability describes the primary difference between managed care and conventional health insurance is how the service is provided and paid. Managed health care such as Medicaid, usually pays for and provides the service directly or through third party provider contracts. Conventional health insurance underwrites the cost of coverage but is not involved in the delivery of the service. Click Here to learn more about the difference between Medicaid managed care and private health insurance on their website

How can a parent/caregiver gain access to insurance options?

For most insurance coverage is provide through a group policy offered at the place of employment of the major caregiver. If not, there are other services that may help with identifying health care coverage. A list with links to webpages is provided Click Here.

Recommended websites, YouTube videos, books on this topic:

Just The Facts flier Click Here Insurance Plans list Click Here Agency for Persons with Disabilities website Click Here. Primary Care Centers provide services to the uninsured on a sliding fee scale. To obtain low cost primary care in your local community, including pharmacy, dental, mental health and substance abuse services Click Here

When looking for insurance options are there any questions or observations you would recommend parents to investigate before selecting a provider?

Being able to understand what is and is not covered with the health insurance plan is most important. In the guide, Just The Facts, some of the questions they suggest include:

  • Does the plan pay for services which my child needs?
  • Do my current doctors accept this health care plan?
  • How much are out of pocket expenses?


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Medicaid Managed Care for People with Disabilities. National Council on Disability.

Written by: Iris Neil