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Health Care Transition:

The focus of health care for adolescents is the beginning of the shift from pediatric services to adult health care. Without support in moving from pediatric care youth may experience loss of insurance, some deterioration in health due to decreased adherence with medicine and self-care and having a poor connection to the adult health care system.

While teenagers are learning to self-advocate personal goals, they should also be learning to manage their personal health care as much as possible. Transitioning to adult care is a big step! Like going to college, working, or living independently, health care transition takes preparation and self-advocacy.

FloridaHATS is a program of Florida Department of Health, Children’s Medical Services with a mission to
ensure successful transition from pediatric to adult health care for all youth and young adults in Florida, including those with disabilities, chronic health conditions or other special health care needs. Click Here for the FloridaHats health care transition tool box that contains documents and links to a variety of local, state and national resources for youth, families, and professionals.

How does the service/topic help the person with a disability or family support system?

Beginning health care transition helps the young adult with disabilities build skills for independence and health care self-management.

How can a parent/caregiver begin working on health care transition?

10 steps to successful health care transition in English Click Here

10 steps to successful health care transition en espanol Click Here

Recommended websites, YouTube videos, books on this topic? provides information to help prepare youth to move to adult health care. Click Here

Click Here for the Florida Hats Since You’re Not A Kid Anymore brochure

Talking with Your Doctor Are you ready to transition to adult care quiz Click Here

Click Here for the Florida Hats Journey to Adulthood A Transition Travel Guide [to adult healthcare]

Click Here for the Florida Hats Transition Timeline for Children and Adolescents with Special Healthcare Needs flier.

Click Here for the Florida Hats brochure Is your teen ready to manage their health care? Transition Readiness Assessment Tool. TRAQ the Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire contains a series of questions in which the youth is asked to describe their ability level in various skill areas related to their health and health care.


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