Employment and Career: Project SEARCH

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Project SEARCH:

Project SEARCH is a post-secondary transition to employment training program. It is a business-led, one-year employment preparation program that takes place entirely at the workplace. Total workplace immersion facilitates a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands- on training through worksite rotations.

How does the service/topic help the person with a disability or family support system?

The philosophy of Project SEARCH is people with disabilities have the right to choose a path toward education and employment. However, while freedom of choice is given the right to work is earned. Earning the right to work is dependent upon the student’s preparation. (Simon, Stephen, ADA Quarterly, Fall 1998)

How can a parent/caregiver gain access to this service?

Project SEARCH has set some basic guidelines for local sites to use.

  • Have a desire to work!
  • Be in the last year of education
  • Have a significant development disability
  • Have appropriate hygiene, social, and communication skills
  • Have the ability to take direction and change behavior
  • Pass drug screening, background check, immunizations – whatever is required of other employees
  • Have access to public transportation
  • Eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services

In Palm Beach County there are three Project SEARCH locations, Gulfstream Goodwill Life Academy has partnered with Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Boynton Beach and Boca Resort and Country Club in Boca Raton; and Unicorn Village Academy has partnered with Boca West County Club in Boca Raton.

Parents or interested students should contact all the sites to visit and learn more about what each offers and determine which will best fit their job interest area.

Recommended websites, YouTube videos, books on this topic?

Projectsearch.us: Project SEARCH Click Here

Projectsearch.us: Project SEARCH Online Learning Click Here

UnicornVillageAcademy.com: Unicorn Village Academy Click Here

Gulfstreamgoodwill.org: Gulfstream Goodwill Click Here

When looking for this service are there any questions or observations you would recommend parents to investigate before selecting a provider?

When it comes to work options, it is always best to have the person with disabilities involved in the selection of programs. It is important for the student to like the work in which they are being trained to do. Each of the local programs offer tours, open houses for information. Observe how your young adult fits in with the group and if they appear to like the job.


Project SEARCH

Unicorn Village Academy. Post-secondary work program project search.

Gulfstream Goodwill Industries. Programs project search.

Written by: Iris Neil and Unicorn Academy

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