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Discovery is a type of vocational assessment that does not compare the person to established norms such as those found in standardized tests. Discovery shifts the focus from assessment to the information about an individual, the level of assistance needed, and matching meaningful employment to who the person is now. Typically, Discovery is used as an alternative career assessment when a person’s skills, abilities, interests and ideal working conditions have not been captured through traditional career assessments. The Discovery Assessment helps to determine and articulate strengths, needs, and interests. It is not a plan, but the foundation for employment planning. The information includes interests, preferences, self-management skills, social skills, level of self-advocacy, and accommodations, community connections, and supports and services needed. For A Discovery Fact Sheet from The Florida Center for Inclusive Communities: Click Here

“Discovery is a person centered planning process that involves getting to know a person before supporting them in developing a plan for employment (Callahan, 2001). It is in-depth study of one.”

If still in high school, the discovery process can be embedded in career readiness or self-determination course curricula. The information may be incorporated in the IEP to develop successful learning strategies, present level statements, supports needed and desired post-school outcomes. Discovery services are also offered through Vocational Rehabilitation through specially trained VR providers. The information is gathered then used to match the VR client and an employer, so that everyone’s needs are met.

How can a parent/caregiver gain access to this service?

The Discovery process includes observing the person with a disability at home and in the community. For students still in public schools, discuss with the IEP team if the discovery process could be used to help determine the best employment for your child. While employment goals for the Individual Plan for Employment with Vocational Rehabilitation discuss whether the Discovery assessment method would be best to determine employment options.

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