Education: Extended Transition Programs


Extended Transition Programs

Students with disabilities who have an IEP and have deferred graduation may have the opportunity to participate in extended transition programs. Extended Transition Programs are designed to help students in the achievement of their post-school goals. The programs in Palm Beach County are located at charter schools and in various community high schools. These programs allow students to participate in structured work-study community based vocational education programs, internships, pre-apprenticeships, accelerated college credit, industry certification and the courses necessary to satisfy the requirements for the Scholar diploma designation. The district transition programs focus on providing additional career development in order for students to be successful in the workplace, social interactions, community involvement and independent living.

How does the service/topic help the person with a disability or family support system?

Students with disabilities have the option to continue their free appropriate public education (FAPE) through the age of 22. Extended Transition Programs are designed to provide additional support for students with their post-secondary goals.

How can a parent/caregiver gain access to this service?

First, the student and parent must decide to defer graduation. The school team should provide information on all the options available in the district for transition. There may be an application process, so it is best to start as early as the beginning of the senior year to determine what type of services the student needs in order to accomplish the post-secondary goals on their IEP.

Questions or observations you would recommend parents to investigate before selecting a provider?

Visit the programs your young adult is interested in attending. Ask questions about how the students learn independence skills and employment skills. Review the services your student needs and how these services will be implemented in the program. Most importantly, find out how successful the program is at having students successfully placed in employment.

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Written by: Iris Neil